Why Mothers Make Incredible Entrepreneurs

It’s no surprise that moms make great entrepreneurs…

Successful mothers and entrepreneurs need to be dedicated, decisive, resilient, passionate, adaptive and motivated.

They get. shit. done. Because they have no other option.

I love seeing all the moms who have started their own businesses, because they don’t want to have to choose between career and family.

Mothers in 2022 have more freedom than in any other previous generation to chase their dreams while raising their children. We’ve been afforded the luxury of the internet, and are using it as a portal to redefine what success looks like to us.

We aren’t grinding for the sake of it – we know there’s opportunity out there to live a different life than the 9-5 we’ve always been sold. We work for our dreams, stay focused on our freedom (both financially and work wise), and do it all with family as the catalyst. 

These stories aren’t few and far between, they’re becoming the norm, and for good reason.

Mothers are hardwired for the level of dedication and passion required to dream, design and deliver their grandest visions. It’s why I’m so passionate about serving other moms ready to change their lives for a better future, and why I stay focused on what it is I’m trying to achieve myself.  

Mothers are task masters, researchers, nurturers, cheerleaders, educators, big thinkers and bold players. We’re also incredible entrepreneurs. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. We’re emotionally intuitive.

    You can teach someone the basics of business, but teaching someone to harness the power of their emotions isn’t as easy. Business is emotional, but so is motherhood. It’s testing, and pushes you to your limits, but the success that comes with the small wins is as rewarding as it gets. As mothers we’re already so tapped into the feelings of those around us that managing and mitigating big emotions in business is within our wheelhouse. 

  2. We’re creative thinkers.

    If you’ve got children, you’ve likely had to get creative more times than you can count on one hand. Mothers are the makers of magic – we deliver life’s confetti, tell the tales, put sprinkles on everything, and do just about anything to keep our kids spirits high and their hearts young. The inspiration for creativity in business can come from anywhere, and we’ve got it in spades.

  3. Multi-tasking is our normal.

    Babies on the hip, toddlers on the loose, preteens not answering our calls. Mothers have got skills when it comes to multi-tasking. We’re wiping tears, packing lunches, chauffeuring kids and scheduling weekly extracurriculars all before 9am, but these skills serve us well as entrepreneurs. In short, we’re agile. When you’re running your own business, you’ve got eyes across every inch of it, and the ability to stay nimble and flexible in the face of changing circumstances is critical.

  4. We aren’t quitters.

    Sure, we might mutter it under our breath during those difficult moments, but mothers aren’t quitters. It’s just not in our DNA. On deadline? Dig deep. Dealing with a melting toddler at bedtime? Dig deep. If we want something bad enough, we won’t quit.

  5. Family is our driving force.

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with, coaching, and learning from many female entrepreneurs and without a doubt, one of the top reasons why these leaders chose to go out on their own was to create the life they wanted for their family. More time with their kids, more flexibility to do things they want to do, and more money to give their kids the moon and stars. I don’t know a more powerful motivator.

As mothers, we’re at the center of our families, juggling all of the balls in the hopes we keep everyone happy. But we must remember to look after our own souls, and really listen to what sets them on fire.

If you’ve had a dream, a vision or a passion project on the back burner, don’t hesitate mama – you’re made for this!