Your Profitable Course Topic

My signature framework for coming up with a course idea that will make you 6-figures annually.

Transform your business from 1:1 to 1 to MANY so you can maximize your income and impact!

If you’re trading time for money instead of building a scalable business, you’re leaving so. much. money. on the table.

I’m here to help you claim that cash.

Don’t pour all your time and resources into creating a course that isn’t going to sell.

I’ve seen it many times before…

You pour everything into creating an online course or program, and when you launch, it’s crickets. 

If you’re going to create an online course, let’s make sure it’s going to make you a lot of money okay?

In this free training you will learn:

Why should you listen to me?

In 2018 I was working a 9-5 and running a side hustle but when I had my first baby in July 2018 I knew something had to change.

While on maternity leave I created my first online course teaching moms how to use their good cameras. Within months I had enrolled hundreds of students, made over 100k and was able to quit my 9-5. 

And I did this with less than 1500 followers and zero ads. 

Since then I’ve gone from 100k years to 100k in 2 months while working 20 hours a week and prioritizing my family. 

And I’ve helped dozens of other entrepreneurs like yourself build scalable online courses so that they can create a passive income stream that makes them hundreds of thousands of dollars while they run their businesses and spend more time with family

I believe that having a multiple 6-figure business while working as little as you want is possible for anyone. 

And I am excited to show you how.

You don’t need to work harder to make more.

You just need offers that make it possible to make more while working less.

Why you need this

It’s possible to achieve both time and financial freedom but something’s gotta change if you’re going to actually get there.

It’s not sustainable to be growing a business that requires more and more of YOU.

Making 100k, 500k or a million dollars in your business is great, but not if you hate your life and are grinding 24/7.

In this masterclass I’m showing you my proven framework for coming up with a profitable course topic that will make you 100’s of thousands of dollars.

You will leave with:


A money course topic you’re so excited to create


A strategic product suite that makes scaling easy


A differentiated way of communicating what you do so you attract your ideal clients with ease