The 500K


Where 6-figure entrepreneurs quantum leap into $20K+ months alongside a community of powerhouse women.

The 500K Mastermind combines high-level mindset shifts, human design-based energetic work, and proven growth strategies so that women touching 6-figs can explode their income and impact. 

And I’m looking at you 😉 Time to leave $10K months in the dust.

You grew fast. Now it’s time to grow well.

You’ve mastered the ‘grow a business’ thing. But you’re about one sleepless night away from a total meltdown. You’re working in your business, not on it – just trying to stay afloat as you collect those Stripe payments. 

People congratulate you on your business all of the time. On the outside, it looks like you have it allll figured out. 

But you’re not the kind of woman who settles for an income ceiling and weeks of hustling. You want more. More time with your family. More time seeing your friends. A WAY bigger impact on the world. And money. A LOT more of that, please. 

You’re likely ready to bring on a team. Master your processes. Create offers that give you that smooth as butter, aligned feeling in your body. Know who you are as a CEO, and lean into her – leaving your newbie, hustling businesswoman persona behind. 

You’re all in on building a business that feels like a home. In line with your energetic blueprint with strategies that make your intuition the main character. And, of course, beliefs that expand you rather than hold you back. 

And you know deep inside that you desire a group of women who will propel you forward with sisterhood and tough love when you need it  – so you can step into the woman, CEO, and visionary that you were put on this Earth to become. 

The feast and famine periods are over. The hustle is in the past.

It’s time to expand into your biggest income month yet while feeling the best you’ve ever felt.

When you enter The 500K Mastermind, you will experience a variety of Earth-shattering shifts. Abundant money that feels easy to make. Offers that light you up with joy and alignment. Mindset changes that break down your limits and throw you into a space where what you want is what you will have. 

Just some of the radical changes you will experience…

Expansive results aren’t once in a lifetime. They’re a daily source of joy on this corner of the Internet.

The next level is inevitable. Claim it.

By signing up for The $500K Mastermind, you will receive:

You run your business. It doesn’t run you.

It’s time to enjoy waking up in your business.

It’s time to be the woman who makes epic amounts of money AND is present for her favorite people. 

It’s time to create strategic offers that make scaling feel easy. 

It’s time to push your mind into a realm that believes you can have it all. 

It’s time to create a business that’s so effortlessly aligned with who you are, that you feel 100% ready to charge into growing it. 

Meet the women in the mastermind

The $500K Mastermind is selective on purpose Because you deserve a seat at the table that pushes you farther.

Hi, I’m Sarah Lambert!

The woman who helps you make more without doing more

That’s why I help entrepreneurs create scalable business models so they can spend more time with the fam or getting a mani and a glass of bubbly on a random Tuesday afternoon because why not? 

Me? I built a multi 6-figure business while raising 2 babies, so I know a thing or 2 about ultimate multi-tasking. 

I started my business while I was on maternity leave and hit 6-figs thanks to my first online course. So I quit my job and followed my heart. I wanted to teach other entrepreneurs how to make a ton of money from courses. 

Because when you master your offers, build a scalable system and create opportunities where you’re making more + working less, you step into the life you want. 

One where you have more family cuddle puddles, weekend adventures and deep dinner chats. And I wouldn’t want you to live any other way. 

I can’t wait to see you in The $500K Mastermind so you can create the massive success you crave AND the time freedom that makes life feel effortless and joyful.

Happy tears. Massive bank accounts.

You have made it so far. This is not the time to settle when your heart knows you can go farther. Let yourself drink up the success you crave without working more hours.

It’s ALL available to you.

Let’s find your definition of thriving. Then give it to you with a side of half-a-millionaire status.