Why Mothers Make Incredible Entrepreneurs

It’s no surprise that moms make great entrepreneurs… Successful mothers and entrepreneurs need to be dedicated, decisive, resilient, passionate, adaptive and motivated. They get. shit. done. Because they have no other option. I love seeing all the moms who have started their own businesses, because they don’t want to have to choose between career and … Read more

4 Ways to Get Camera Confident Before Course Filming

This one goes out to all my fierce, course-creating entrepreneurs who struggle to get in front of the camera. If you’ve ever completely mind-blanked, deleted 574 takes before deciding you like just one, or just generally get the shivers thinking about chatting to the camera – I got you. Let’s face it (insert wink emoji), … Read more

4 Steps for Creating a Killer Course Outline

In business, there are so many things we can jump into head first all in the name of “messy action”. But in the realm of online courses, skipping the process that’ll help ensure you’ve built the best product for your audience is just silly. In the form of a digital product suite, your potential is limitless, but only … Read more

Can Your Business Support an Online Course?

As the entrepreneurial firecracker you are, you’re already well aware of the advantages a passive income stream offers business owners.  Endless sales potential without capacity limitations, the freedom to step back from the everyday grind when life requires it, and the opportunity to serve new audiences in unique and impactful ways. Opportunity awaits! If the … Read more

3 Must-Haves for Making a Magnetic Course

When it comes to your course delivery, you want MAGNETIC, not “meh”.  Not all courses are made equally, but you already knew that ;) If you’ve spent enough time online, you’ve likely come across many types of courses. The ones that are visually appealing but less informative, the ones that are jam-packed with value but … Read more

4 Good Reasons Why Passive Income Should Be on Your Radar in 2022

For entrepreneurs in 2022, the list of options for where to invest your energy and dollars is endless.  Many of us get caught up in the notion of doing more instead of less. The bigger the business, the more you need, right? Wrong. The simplest and most strategic investment for your business in 2022 is … Read more