How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome with Natalie Hummel. Sarah Lambert

Episode 9: How to overcome imposter syndrome

On this episode we’re joined by guest Natalie Hummel, a transformational life coach who specializes in nervous system regulation for high achievers who want to reach top levels of success. Her program, How to Heal, helps individuals heal their nervous systems so they can banish imposter syndrome and reach their goals.

At its core, what Natalie really does is help people get what they want. Often, the state of their nervous system isn’t conducive to reaching their goals—that’s where the regulation comes in. Updating your nervous system and learning to co-regulate can help you reach your desires. 

“What I’m offering you is to have complete unconditional safety—meaning I’m deeply okay, no matter what. Even if I am an imposter. Even if I have no business creating and selling this course.” – Natalie Hummel

Topics Covered

  • What hinders people from making progress on their goals.
  • Why going after what we want brings about imposter syndrome.
  • What works to create safety in your nervous system—and what doesn’t work.
  • Experiences that imprint and influence our feeling of safety at a young age.
  • What to do when you feel imposter syndrome coming up.
  • What it looks like to co-regulate with yourself. 
  • How doing something new goes against your ingrained survival intelligence.
  • How attachment to external validation impacts your authenticity.
  • Why it’s important to embody what your goal is going to give you before it comes.
  • Why “becoming your future self” is against what Natalie believes.
  • What it means to learn to meet the whole of you and why it matters.\
  • Why it’s harder to do the work when the stakes are higher.

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Sarah Lambert is the founder and head business coach at The Rosewood Agency, a course creation agency that helps 6-figure entrepreneurs create passive income. She scaled her business from a 30k side hustle to a 400k agency in just 4 years while raising two babies, and is passionate about building online businesses in an aligned and scalable way.

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