Ep. 43 How to add 6-figures to your bottom line

In today’s episode, I dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship, exploring not just the strategies but also the mindset shifts required to significantly boost your income. It’s not merely about reaching a six-figure bottom line, but understanding the energy, alignment, and internal changes one must undergo to genuinely achieve their business goals. 

Especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, it’s crucial to address these underlying issues before scaling up. We discuss the concept of conflicting desires, the inner work necessary for growth, and the importance of restructuring our businesses. By the end, I share my journey from trading time for money to optimizing my business and offer a sneak peek into my SCALE method for business transformation.

“We have to go first. We have to first become in alignment with that multiple six-figure business, with that million-dollar business, with that extra six figures. If you’re bringing in 50k right now and you want to add 100k but you are so exhausted and burnt out, how the heck is that going to be possible?” -Sarah Lambert

Topics Covered:

  • It’s not just about the “how” but understanding your underlying motivations and feelings.
  • Addressing exhaustion, stress, and overwhelm in your current business phase.
  • Becoming the version of yourself that matches your desired income.
  • Understanding desires that are at odds and how to harmonize them.
  • Shifting from trading time for money to a more efficient model.
  • The continual importance of evolving your mindset and beliefs.
  • Recognizing and addressing structural issues in your business.
  • From working longer hours for less to optimizing and earning more.
  • The SCALE Method Introduction: A teaser of my signature business transformation method.
  • Building a powerful brand and drawing ideal clients to your offerings.

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Sarah Lambert

Sarah Lambert is the founder and head business coach at The Rosewood Agency, a course creation agency that helps 6-figure entrepreneurs create passive income. She scaled her business from a 30k side hustle to a 400k agency in just 4 years while raising two babies, and is passionate about building online businesses in an aligned and scalable way.

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