Ep. 41: Leveraging your resources to support your business with Stephanie Soave

In this episode, I’m excited to have Stephanie Soave as a guest. We get real about the entrepreneurial journey. Stephanie, who transitioned from a regular 9-to-5 job to a successful real estate entrepreneur, shares her experiences and insights. 

The key takeaway? It’s all about leveraging your resources. Stephanie discusses how she balances her roles as a business owner, spouse, and parent, emphasizing the importance of time management, outsourcing, and building trust in business relationships. She also highlights the value of community and collaboration in the entrepreneurial world. 

“Sometimes we fear spending the money in order to free up our time. But if we look at it through a different lens what is this costing me? Then our perspective really shifts.” – Stephanie Soave

Topics covered:

  • An overview of Stephanie’s background and her journey from corporate roles to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the real estate industry.
  • Stephanie’s experience transitioning from a corporate job to entrepreneurship and the challenges and rewards it brought.
  • The concept of leverage, and how it plays a crucial role in business and personal life.
  • Insights on balancing her roles as an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two children.
  • Discussion on how to optimize time and energy effectively as an entrepreneur and the importance of this in achieving success.
  • The role of trust, especially in spousal relationships, and how it impacts the entrepreneurial journey.
  • How to leverage your connections and the importance of collaboration over competition in the business world.
  • Strategies for determining what tasks to outsource or delegate to others, particularly when starting a business.
  • The benefits of celebrating the successes of others in your industry and fostering a supportive community.
  • Practical advice and actionable steps for listeners to apply the concept of leverage in their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

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