Episode 4 – Retiring your husband with Leigh McSwan

Today we’re chatting with Leigh McSwan, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant with over a decade of experience. She’s a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Enneagram type 3, a Manifesting Generator, and she always chooses the unconventional path to pursue happiness and abundance.

Leigh is gearing up to embark on a bold change in her life, and with that she is creating a business centered around the core values of herself and her family. Listen to the episode to find out the big pivots and changes Leigh is making to support her family in new ways.

“It’s really powerful to have multiple streams of income, but especially one you know you can rely on—that’s really important.” – Leigh McSwan

Topics Covered

  • Why Leigh pivoted from psychology to holistic nutrition.
  • The importance of starting before you’re ready and trusting your intuition.
  • How Leigh’s dangerously bold confidence helped her reach success.
  • How new levels can bring new devils—and repeat devils.
  • What it means to make friends with your fear and how it can empower you.
  • The experience Leigh had she quickly realized was not for her.
  • What inspired the creation of her first course.
  • What Leigh saw on her honeymoon that shifted her perspective on life.
  • How she was able to retire her husband and why it was so crucial to do so.
  • The businesses Leigh is focusing on right now.
  • The part of course creation most people get stuck on and why.
  • Why outsourcing is important for staying in your zone of genius.
  • The wild, intuition-led goals Leigh plans to accomplish within the next year.
  • The silver lining in having the sale of her house fall through.
  • The power of practicing gratitude and relinquishing control.

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