Ep. 37 Confidence and boundaries with Natalie Hummel

On this episode, I get to chat with a fave podcast guest Natalie Hummel. Natalie specializes in nervous system healing and regulation for high achievers who want to reach top levels of success. 

In today’s episode, we’re getting into some commonly discussed topics in the online entrepreneur space, confidence and boundaries. Natalie has a very unique perspective that I wanted her to share on the podcast. We discuss boundaries and what a healthy boundary looks like, and how confidence really looks when you’re living an aligned life.

“No one ever got confidence from just being right.” – Natalie Hummel

Topics covered:

  • How boundaries are often misinterpreted and misused, leading to a misunderstanding of their true purpose.
  • Boundaries should not be used as a form of protection or avoidance but should instead be based on creating safety within oneself and promoting growth and understanding.
  • Exploring the concept of healthy boundaries, which are not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution and may vary based on individual experiences and levels of consciousness.
  • The importance of addressing and healing past emotional wounds and patterns to prevent them from triggering in the same way in present interactions.
  • A real-life example of a client dealing with a situation where she repeatedly failed to meet clear expectations, which led to a harsh response from the facility owner. The client’s journey from embarrassment and defensiveness to self-reflection and problem-solving.
  • Boundaries in business and the concept of energy management. 
  • Confidence is often seen as a conditional state based on external achievements or markers. However, true confidence should come from a sense of wholeness and being deeply okay with oneself, regardless of external factors.
  • External goals, like financial success or material possessions, can be pursued from an ego-driven perspective or from a place of essence. 
  • Instead of striving for confidence, the goal should be wholeness, which involves feeling deeply okay and complete in the present moment without depending on external validation.

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