Unlocking Your Next Level of Expansion with Jaime Pallotolo

Episode 25: Unlocking Your Next Level of Expansion with Jaime Pallotolo

On this episode, I’m excited to have the amazing Jaime Pallotolo as a guest. She is an Energetic Master, Soul Seer & Shamanic Healer for 6 and 7-figure earners who desire to be seen as industry leaders and unlock their next level of expansion in their business and personal life. 

In today’s episode, we’re talking about what it looks like to hold space for yourself while building your business and expanding your impact. Jaime also talks about what it looks like to really hold this space and how uncomfortable and vulnerable it can feel. We also talk about how the power of moving past the resistance we may feel and how many beautiful opportunities are on the other side of it.

“The resistance has power over you. It has power in your decisions. It has power in your relationships. And on the other side of that is the freedom and the allowance for you to be seen and heard and acknowledged and loved unconditionally for every aspect of ourselves.” – Jaime Pallotolo

Topics covered:

  • What it really means to be a shaman and trance channeller to Jaime.
  • How doing the deeper spiritual and emotional work can give you more space in your business.
  • How keeping fear as your dominant vibration can hold you back.
  • Creating space to find momentum.
  • How to start holding space for yourself using 30 minutes of silence.
  • Being in “go, go, go” mode can keep you from growth.
  • How to lean into the transitional phases and expand from them.
  • The importance of a mentor during times of transition.
  • Feeling uncomfortable doesn’t have to be seen as “bad”.
  • How seeking out new experiences can create different frequencies and energies to connect with.
  • Jaime explains more about her in-person retreats and how much connection they can hold. 

Connect with this week’s guest, Jaime Pallotolo:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaimepallotolo/Website: https://www.jaimepallotolo.com/

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