How to become your most magnetic self with Natalie Hummel

Episode 23: How to become your most magnetic self with Natalie Hummel

On this episode we’re joined once again by Transformational Life Coach Natalie Hummel. Natalie specializes in nervous system healing and regulation for high achievers who want to reach top levels of success. 

Today, our discussion focuses on all parts of the self—our shadow selves, our miraculous selves, and our alter-egos—and how you can embrace each authentically. When you learn to regulate your nervous system and operate from a place of love and safety, you can step into your most magnetic self.

“When you can return to the energy of love—when you can return to the truth of who and what you are—and experience peace, regulation, and complete presence you move. You act. And the running narrative? You don’t need it.” – Natalie Hummel

Topics Covered

  • What your alter ego allows you to do.
  • How to step into new energy in a way that’s still authentic to you.
  • The way our miraculous self gets hidden within our shadow self.
  • What the goal of shadow work actually is.
  • When and how we become our most magnetic selves.
  • The common narrative among high achievers and why it’s ridiculous.
  • How nervous system regulation allows you to move naturally in your daily life.
  • What regulating your nervous system actually looks like.
  • The two main states of our nervous system and their functions.
  • Why we need to feel safe in order to receive. 
  • Regulating your nervous system with moment-to-moment attunement.
  • What acceptance actually means versus what people think it means.
  • The first step in becoming more effective at changing your reality.

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