3 Things You Must Know Before Creating An Online Course

Episode #22: 3 Things You Must Know Before Creating An Online Course

What should you consider before you jump into creating an online course? There are three critical things you need to know before you start building it, and you’ll learn all about them in this episode. 

Coming up with a catchy course name or putting together a course you know you can market and sell is one thing. However, figuring out how to deliver your client’s transformation in an effective and intentional way is much more critical to the success of your course.

“Courses are not just about delivering information. It’s about facilitating a transformation – so what does that transformation require?” – Sarah Lambert

Topics Covered

  • Sarah’s passion and superpower and why it is so important to her.
  • Why breaking down information to be more digestible is so valuable.
  • What your life experiences are setting you up for. 
  • Why Sarah’s clients come back again and again.
  • The course you want to create versus what your potential clients actually want.
  • The key to helping your students complete a course and why it matters.
  • A strategy for designing a course that delivers transformation. 
  • What the process of building an intentional course looks like.
  • What to focus on first when building your course.
  • Why it’s important to embody exactly what you are selling.
  • The role activation plays for you and your potential course clients.
  • How to ensure no one can teach what you teach just like you.
  • What happens when you try to sell what you don’t embody.
  • What beats perfect when building a course every time. 

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Sarah Lambert

Sarah Lambert is the founder and head business coach at The Rosewood Agency, a course creation agency that helps 6-figure entrepreneurs create passive income. She scaled her business from a 30k side hustle to a 400k agency in just 4 years while raising two babies, and is passionate about building online businesses in an aligned and scalable way.

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