The Power of Storytelling in Marketing with Carly Ottaway

Episode 17: The Power of Storytelling in Marketing with Carly Ottaway

Carly Ottaway, the talented CEO behind Web of Words, joins as a guest on this episode. Web of Words is a creative agency that helps entrepreneurs expand their impact and scale their businesses with bespoke marketing services.

During the episode, Carly doesn’t hold back in sharing about the empowering lessons she’s learned through the unique experiences of starting her own business, working with her husband, shifting her business with scalable offers, experiencing loss, and showing up authentically to share her story on social media.

“By stepping into who you are and showing that full person, that’s what attracts people who share your values, your beliefs, and who resonate with your story.” – Carly Ottaway

Topics Covered

  • How Carly came to run her own creative agency.
  • What they help businesses accomplish through copy, social, branding, and web design.
  • How it’s been working with her husband in their business full time.
  • The event that happened just over a year ago and how her family’s life changed.
  • What it means to show up authentically on social media.
  • The power of community and how it can uplift you in the most difficult times.
  • How to know what to share on social media—and what not to share.
  • The current status of her new home build and how it feels.
  • How life serves opportunities for growth and expansion.
  • The amazing ways in which Carly and her business have shifted over the past year.
  • What you should focus on when you’re creating content for social media.
  • How tuning into your clients’ questions and needs is helpful for your brand messaging.
  • The importance of being willing to go first.

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