Episode 16: Your Life’s Purpose with Marina Lynn

On this episode we’re joined by guest Marina Lynn to take a deep dive into astrology. Marina is a guide, teacher, and healer who works with coaches using evolutionary astrology to design a business and life that embodies their true north.

Discovering more about yourself through understanding your North Node and South Node is just the beginning of the journey of uncovering the secrets of your past life. During the episode, you’ll learn more about how you can gain greater insight in your own life and discover your own life’s purpose.

“You had to go through this—and no one is more equipped than you are because you’ve had to go through it yourself—and now you’re going to help other people walk that path too.” – Marina Lynn

Topics Covered

  • What Marina does and who she works with.
  • The two main types of astrology and how she approaches it.
  • What makes evolutionary psychology unique.
  • The power in understanding your past life story.
  • Why everything you went through before is part of your purpose.
  • Why being in your growth zone is uncomfortable and when these feelings tend to arise.
  • What your North Node is and what your South Node is.
  • The parts of our lives we choose (even though it seems like we don’t).
  • How you can use astrology to support your children.
  • Learning how to turn your life’s path into your life’s work.
  • How your astrology chart informs your approach to life.
  • What it means when your South Node feels safe.
  • Somatic practices to help you identify and deal with discomfort.

Connect with Marina on her website: https://marinalynn.vipmembervault.com/ 

Connect with Marina on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themarinalynn/ 

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