Are mentors important? with Sarah Lambert

Episode 15: Are Mentors Important?

Are you considering mentorship? There are so many different options out there for support including coaches, consultants, and mentors. In this episode, you’ll discover what makes each of these unique and how mentorship can help you reach your goals faster and with greater ease.

Some people are hesitant to invest in themselves, and it’s for valid reasons. In some cases, they’ve spent money on mentorship or coaching before—and unfortunately they got burned by a coach who didn’t deliver on what they promised. In this episode, you’ll find some clues on what to look for to find the right support for you.

“When you work with a coach, you are able to improve your self-awareness and your emotional intelligence. You’re able to develop on a personal level—they will tell you things no one else will tell you.”
– Sarah Lambert

Topics Covered

  • What a mentor actually helps you with.
  • The difference between a coach and a consultant.
  • Examples of how one person can take on more than one of these roles.
  • Sarah’s experience in hiring coaches and mentors.
  • The biggest takeaway from her first coaching experience.
  • Why you shouldn’t hire someone who is too many steps ahead of you.
  • The valid reason many people avoid investing in mentorship and coaching.
  • The kind of pricing that reflects integrity—and when it doesn’t.
  • Where the coaching industry gets a bad reputation.
  • The benefits of working with an aligned mentor who truly cares.
  • How surrounding yourself with the right energy can be expansive.
  • The importance of being able to see yourself and your business from a different perspective.
  • A sign the mentor or coach you’ve come across is a good fit for you.
  • The question you should ask yourself before you hire a coach.

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Sarah Lambert

Sarah Lambert

Sarah Lambert is the founder and head business coach at The Rosewood Agency, a course creation agency that helps 6-figure entrepreneurs create passive income. She scaled her business from a 30k side hustle to a 400k agency in just 4 years while raising two babies, and is passionate about building online businesses in an aligned and scalable way.

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