Sarah Lambert - The Expansive Entrepreneur - How to get things done as a multi passionate entrepreneur with Anna Lozano

Episode 5 – How to get things done as a multi passionate entrepreneur with Anna Lozano

On this episode we’re joined by guest Anna Lozano, a multi-faceted entrepreneur who co-founded and sold Love Power Co., an affirmation company that brings mindfulness to families around the world.

Anna has reached great success in various industries, and now she uses her expertise to support female founders in launching and scaling their brands. During the episode, Anna opens up about her entrepreneurship journey and her secrets for opening up to elevated energy and downloads.

“With every action I take, with every conversation I have, with everything I say yes to, with literally everything—that is the energy that’s being put out into the universe. And that’s the energy that will boomerang back to me.” – Anna Lozano

Topics Covered

  • Why Anna loves sharing Human Design with her clients.
  • How Anna went from corporate sales to becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Using networking marketing as a gateway to entrepreneurship.
  • The word that kept coming up for Anna during a recent psychic reading.
  • What you need to enter a space where downloads can come.
  • How structure lays the base for your feminine energy to unfold.
  • The secret to accomplishing a lot as a multi-passionate entrepreneur.
  • Why Anna emphasizes outsourcing earlier on.
  • How inner work helps you know yourself and stay in your zone of genius.
  • What it means to play in the quantum realm and why it matters.
  • The importance of taking inspired action to manifest your desires.
  • What it means to have a frequency check and why you should do it more often.
  • How to navigate and deal with lower-vibration feelings.

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