Is Success in your Soul? How Alignment Impacts Your Business

In business, we so often hear about strategy, but rarely about soul. We’re always striving for financial success, but what about soul alignment? As entrepreneurs, our businesses are a piece of us – a reflection of our professional selves, of our passions, and of what we excel at – so why shouldn’t they reflect our soul? Have you ever tried to sell something you didn’t believe in? It usually results in an awkward, forced, insincere interaction that ends up feeling equally as hollow to the person you’re attempting to sell to. For all my psychology lovers, it’s cognitive dissonance at it’s finest, and it dims your light. Soul alignment changes all of that. The harmony and peace you feel when your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions line up with your goals is incredible, but it’s also impactful on a business level because it: 

  • Guides your thinking
  • Honours your desires
  • Shapes your actions
  • Gives meaning to your purpose

It cuts through the noise of strategy, so you can show up in a way that is both authentic to who you are and what you want, and intentional for the audience you serve. It’s deep work, but trust me when I say, it pays huge dividends in the long-run. If alignment work is new to you, start with the following prompts to help you scratch the surface: 

  • Reflect on your “why” for starting your business
  • Define what it is you want personally and professionally
  • Determine how you feel best serving your audience 
  • Reaffirm what it is you love most about what you do

You started your business for a reason and it’s important you remember that. One of the mantras I use to drive my decision-making is aligned action anchored in strategy, and I stand by this in all that I do. At the end of the day, you can learn and replicate all the strategies in the world, but if it doesn’t align with what’s in your heart, real talk – it won’t resonate. Looking for more information on achieving that good energy? We’re big on feelings over at The Rosewood Agency. Book a call with us today.