Can Your Business Support an Online Course?

As the entrepreneurial firecracker you are, you’re already well aware of the advantages a passive income stream offers business owners. 

Endless sales potential without capacity limitations, the freedom to step back from the everyday grind when life requires it, and the opportunity to serve new audiences in unique and impactful ways. Opportunity awaits!

If the name of the game is scaling your business, then you’re looking at an online course as your best vehicle for growth. 

You’ve researched, you’ve meditated on it, you’ve visualized all the things you’d do with the freedom an online course affords you – it’s important to dream big. But if creating and launching an online course was a guaranteed slam dunk, literally everyone with a business would be doing it. 

In life, we must learn to reconcile what we want with what we can afford. The same is true in business – we require balance between our goals and desires, and what is realistically achievable. 

So you may WANT to create an online course, but can your business support one, and are you set-up for success? 

Afterall, creating an online course is just one part of building an online course business. Building a business is the other part. 

Below are 5 signs your business is ready for more. If you’ve answered “yes” to 3 or more, dust off your teaching hat girl – class is in session. 

  1. You’re consistently getting tapped for the same type of expertise. 
  2. You’ve got an established following that consists of your ideal clients. 
  3. You’re selling on the regular.  
  4. You’re operating at full capacity. 
  5. You’re ready to invest back into your business. 

Still unsure? Sometimes fresh eyes can enhance your decision-making efforts when it comes to your business. We offer free discovery calls. Reach out to Rosewood today for deeper clarity