3 Must-Haves for Making a Magnetic Course

When it comes to your course delivery, you want MAGNETIC, not “meh”. 

Not all courses are made equally, but you already knew that 😉 If you’ve spent enough time online, you’ve likely come across many types of courses. The ones that are visually appealing but less informative, the ones that are jam-packed with value but lack polish, the ones you’d pay triple for, and the ones that under-deliver on the investment. 

So, what sets a good course apart from a great one, and a great one apart from the absolute elite level? 

A good course taps into core audience insights, is created with the clear intention to serve your soulmate clients, and delivers tailored information to help people learn, grow, or overcome a challenge.  

It sounds simple, but it requires more work than you think. The structure of your course won’t just fall into your lap, and it often doesn’t seem clear cut at the outset. 

Before you jump into course building, read on for the 3 must-haves we rate as necessary to help you build a course that’ll blow the doors off your launch.  


If you’re looking to expand your business through course creation, it’s worth saying out loud – you need to know your niche. Without doing so, you don’t know who you’re speaking to, so it’ll be hard to create, let alone sell anything effectively. 

We’re not talking about demographics like where they live or the color of their hair. We’re talking about their psychographics; their values, personality, values and interests.

This helps you really understand and know them so that you can both create something specifically for them, and communicate it to them in a way that resonates so deeply, they have no choice but to say – SIGN ME UP.  


Any course worth investing in is designed around the people it’s made to serve. Knowing your niche is the first step in this process, but now is where you need to dig deep to discover the central problem or desire you’re going to solve for them.

Work to understand their life and businesses, and write down the core truths you believe to be true based on what you know. It helps to consider that your niche or ideal client is often a previous version of yourself. 

What would that version of yourself have killed for support in learning or doing?

Market research is also a great tool at this phase of the planning. Don’t be afraid to get online and research, as well as polling your audience, asking your clients or even your friends or family if they’re in your niche.

The goal is to get as close to “inside their heads” as possible. 


With your central challenge defined, it’s important that any solution you offer via an online course is simple and digestible for your audience. Find the sweet spot between ‘bored’ and ‘can’t keep up’, and create within that space. You want people to feel motivated, capable, and empowered as they work through your material. 

If a course isn’t completed, the transformation cannot be achieved. When it is completable, you have happy students and raving fans who sell your course for you!

Hello affiliate opportunities… but that’s a conversation for another day 😉

If you’re in the early stages of course creation and you’ve still got questions, reach out to us today and we can discuss options for how to support you through your next moves.